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AUS-CRETE PREMIUM INDUSTRIAL: Provides a high performance flexible polymer fortified cement based adhesive that is used for installing a wide range of tile and stone, Aus-Crete Premium Industrial provides great coverage and is easy to use. Will install tile and stone to a very wide range of substrates: Tile over tile, Tile over terrszzo, Cement sheet, Plaster board, suitable waterproof membranes, concrete, render and screeds. Suitable for heavy duty installations, industrial and commercial floors and walls, swimming pools and areas subject to constant underwater exposure, facades and areas subject to thermal and physical shock, rapid transit constructions and areas subject to constant heavy vehicle traffic, forklifts, trucks and busses. Suitable for internal and external use. Can be used as a slurry bond coat for adhearing screeds and mortars as well as a slurry bond coat over semi dry screds for installing tile and stone in the conventional mud bed method but using advanced polymer technology to promote a permanent bond between substrate, levelling mortars and finished tile or stone.